Отдел по работе с молодежью, духовности и просвящения


Head of department

Ubaidullayev Zukhriddin Botirovich

Reception time: Monday-Friday (14:00-17:00)
Phone number: (0 371) 238-64-74

The department sets itself the goals of educating students as humanists, qualified specialists who are aware of the essence of social, economic, political, spiritual and cultural tasks carried out in the process of strengthening the country's independence, as well as clarifying the moral foundations of preparing future specialists for independent work, logical thinking, skills formation team management, finding a worthy place in life, self-determination, confidence in the future, the connection of the great future of the country with achievements in all spheres of life.

The main directions of spiritual, educational and educational work

- the formation of students as real citizens of the independent Republic of Uzbekistan on the basis of national and universal values;

- the formation of national pride of students;

- chanting and enriching the best ancient traditions of our people;

- preparation for the diligent fulfillment of civic and filial duty to the Motherland;

- preparing students for the implementation of social policy, in connection with the country's transition to market relations;

- implementation of work on the training of young specialists who meet the requirements of the domestic and foreign policy of the country;

- increasing the responsibility of students in mastering professional skills;

- education of relations associated with comprehending the duty to the nation, family, relatives, friends and homeland;

- the formation and improvement of the individual qualities of students as individuals;

- widespread promotion among students of social activity, initiative, respect for studies and profession and a sense of social responsibility;

- protecting the interests of students, creating all conditions for obtaining knowledge and a healthy lifestyle;

- the development of the socio-political and legal consciousness of students, the expansion of their critical and analytical thinking;

- the fight against negative flaws in society, that is, injustice, fraud, corruption, nepotism and parochialism;

- Establishing ideological immunity among students in the fight against international terrorism, religious and political extremism, drug trafficking and organized crime;

- improvement of targeted spiritual and moral work.

Tasks of the department for work with youth, spirituality and education

To achieve the above goals, the following tasks must be completed:

- regular improvement of the management system in the process of spiritual and educational education;

- development of plans and programs of spiritual and educational work and supervision of their implementation;

- organization of timely communication to students and faculty of the tasks defined in decrees of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, resolutions of the Oliy Majlis and the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, orders of the MHSSE, as well as the law "On Education" and "National Program for Personnel Training";

- timely delivery of reports of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan to students and teaching staff, organization of comprehensive explanatory work;

- creation of a system for improving the system of teachers-mentors;

- ensuring the effective conduct of “spirituality hours” conducted by teachers-mentors;

- organization of meaningful activities "day of spirituality" held at the university;

- holding a guard in various areas of education;

- improving the system of work in cooperation with law enforcement agencies in order to prevent offenses;

- preparation and publication of scientific, methodological and practical literature, manuals on the issues of spiritual and educational education of students and the provision of literature that has educational value;

- organization of meaningful leisure activities for students;

- organization of regular supervision of the living conditions of students living at home or in an apartment;

- control in order to ensure uninterrupted and high-quality work of the sports and recreation system, consumer services, catering, leisure, cultural recreation at the university;

- organization of various competitions, festivals, sports days, olympiads and subbotniks at the university;

- Carrying out regular work on social protection of low-income students from large families and students with disabilities in order to improve their financial situation and submitting relevant proposals to the university administration;

- organization of various events on the theme of holidays and anniversaries of great scientists;

- Organization of visits by students and faculty to cinemas, museums, historical sites;

- organization and control of the work carried out at the university, carried out by the parents of students, local khokimiyats, charitable foundations, makhalla citizens' gatherings and faculties;

- the formation of students as real citizens of the independent Republic of Uzbekistan on the basis of national and universal values;

- the formation of national pride of students;

- preparation for the diligent fulfillment of civic and filial duty to the Motherland;

- ensuring the participation of students and faculty in various public works and events of the republican, regional and city levels, as well as work carried out at the university;

- making proposals on the main areas of educational work and increasing their effectiveness.


Submitting relevant proposals to the rector in case of non-fulfillment of the complex of spiritual and educational educational work specified in the employment contract of the teaching staff at the university.

Submitting proposals related to the expulsion or reinstatement of students.

Agree with the Vice-Rector for Spiritual and Illuminating Work the following:

- orders to transfer students from one course to another, on expulsion, on restoration, on stimulation or punishment of students in the educational process;

- making proposals for the social protection of low-income and socially vulnerable students, staff, teaching staff and senior researchers;

- making recommendations based on the results of various competitions and organizing their rewarding;

- selection of candidates for a special scholarship named after the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as scholarships named after Beruniy, Ibn Sino, Navoiy among students and senior researchers;

- compilation of groups of teachers and students sent to foreign countries for study, exchange of experience, professional development and work;

- issues related to employment contracts, certification and work with personnel.

Give instructions directly to dean's offices, heads of departments and heads of departments on spiritual and educational issues.