Technologies of Mobile Communication

Head of Department:

Ph.D. Madaminov Haydar Khudayarovich 

Reception days: Monday - Saturday (15: 00-16: 00)
Phone: (998 71) 238-65-72
Information about the department "Mobile Communication Technologies”

The Department of Mobile Communication Technologies has been functioning since 2013 (previously it was called the Department of Systems and Radio Communication Devices). In 2008, the departments of Radio Communication Devices and Radio Engineering Systems merged.

History of the department "Radio communication devices"

The department was organized in 1960 under the name "Radio Receiving Devices". Senior lecturer Mansurov R.I. was appointed to the post of head of the department. During its existence, it was led by candidates of technical sciences, associate professors Prakhov V.I. (1969 - 1980) and Vasilyeva M.G. (1980 - 1993). 


R.I. Mansurov
1955-1969 y


V.I. Praxov
1969-1980 y.


M.G. Vasilyevalar
1980-1993 y.


1993-2009 y.


2009-2012 y.


2012-2017 y.


2017-2020 y.


Since 1993, the department was headed by Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan Radjabov T.D. He is also an academician of the International Academy of Telecommunications, the New York Academy and the San Francisco Industrial Academy, the Association of Scientists in the Natural and Social Sciences.

In 1997, the department was transferred to conduct classes on radio transmitting devices, it became known as the department "Radio Communication Devices".

          At the department, in addition to the heads of the department Mansurov R.I., Prakhova V.I. and Vasilyeva M.G. in different years, associate professors Goldfeld L.N., Spirin V.Ya., Lisovsky V.A., Galliev A.L., Maslov A.V., Karimov R.K., Sazonov S.A., Chen A. worked. L., Korsuntsev P.P., senior lecturers Filgus Ya.E., Starikov A.G., Dyachenko N.P., Karelina E.V., Tsareva A.N., Morozova T.M., Baeva N. N., Tarasov A.V., Kondrashechkin A., Nigmanov Sh, Kuzmina G.N., Pulatov Sh.U., Khalikov F. who conducted lectures, laboratory and practical classes.

          The teachers of the department were the first to prepare audio recordings of lectures and time diagrams explaining them, electrical circuits, drawings, slides when organizing classes in disciplines, according to the modular and block method. In carrying out these works, associate professors Vasilyeva M.G., Prakhov V.I., Goldfeld L.N. showed particular relevance. and senior teacher Karelina E.V.

History of the department "Radio engineering systems"

The department was organized in 1970. It separated from the Department of Radio Transmitting Devices organized in 1960. Until 1986, it was called the Department of Radio Communications and Radio Engineering Systems and belonged to the Faculty of Multichannel Electrical Communications. Since 1986, it has become known as the Department of Radio Communication Devices and Radio Systems.

In 1996, she was transferred to the RRT faculty and renamed into Radio Relay and Satellite Communication Systems.

Starting from the 2003-2004 academic year, it became known as the Department of Radio Engineering Systems (RTS).

The heads of the department in 1970 - 1972 were associate professor Kazansky V.I., senior lecturer Vasiliev S.A. (1972 - 1974), associate professors Abramyants O.A. (1974 - 1977), Spirin V.Ya. (1977 - 1997) and since 1997 associate professor Ibraimov R.R.

In addition to the above-mentioned teachers, senior teachers Vulojorgis A.I., Chizhevsky V.I., Belkind L.V., Mangeldina V.D., Kravchenko E.F., Rozhkov V.N.

Since 1974, the staff of the department has replenished with candidates of sciences Ibraimov R.R., Jalolov I.K., Romanenko B.A. Since 1977 Yakubova U.M., Negrienko A.G., Levental M.Ya. and Kuzmin A.P.

In 2005, the staff of the department: associate professor Ibraimov R.R., senior lecturers Vasiliev S.A., Belkind L.V., Kavilov R.Yu., Khatamov A.P., Rakhmitdinov E.S., assistants Mirzaev D.A. , Madaminov Kh.Kh., Abdukayumov S.A., Tashmanov E.B.

In 2004, under a grant from Motorola, the department was equipped with a computer class, in which students also performed laboratory work in the disciplines they studied.

  Teachers, employees of the department carried out state budget and contractual research work. A special place among them is occupied by such topics as "The use of an artificial Earth satellite in the collection, processing and management of the Aral Sea water basin", "The problem of distribution of digital broadcasting and television programs through satellites", "Development and research of methods for remote measurement of the main characteristics of systems and channels connections". Based on the results of the research conducted, a number of scientific articles were published, Arslanov A.R. Levental I.Ya., candidate dissertations are defended.

Since 2008, the departments of "Radio Communication Devices" and "Radio Engineering Systems" have been merged, and the department has begun to be called the Department of "Radio Communication Devices and Systems". Since 2013, the department has become known as "Mobile Communication Technologies". From 2012 to March 2017, the department was headed by Ph.D., Assoc. Davronbekov D.A., since March 2017, Ph.D. Pulatov Sh.U, and since September 2020, the head of the department has been appointed Ph.D., associate professor Madaminov Kh.X.

The department has 5 educational laboratories, which are equipped with modern mobile communication systems, as well as educational devices of 2G, 3G, 4G standards of CDMA, GSM, WCDMA, LTE technologies. In addition, there are computer labs and Wi-Fi-based broadband wireless communication systems where students perform laboratory and practical work.

Teachers of the department supervise diploma, master's and dissertation works in relevant areas.

Employees of the department actively participate in scientific-technical and scientific-methodological conferences of international and republican levels.




Bachelor's degree:

  • Satellite connection
  • Mobile connection
  • Radio transmitting and receiving devices in mobile communication systems
  • Wireless connection
  • Wireless networks
  • Wireless IoT systems
  • Fundamentals and networks of mobile communication
  • Digital signal processing in mobile communication systems
  • Design of mobile communication networks
  • Individual project
  • Modern mobile technologies
  • Mobile communication design
  • Wireless broadband technologies
  • Transmitting and receiving on RF devices

Master's degree:

  • LTE technology
  • Space technologies
  • Satellite positioning and navigation systems
  • Designing nodes and devices of satellite communication systems
  • Reliability of radio equipment
  • Radio relay and satellite communications
  • Management of GSM and mobile networks
  • Innovative telecommunication technologies 5G/6G
  • Satellite connection


Bachelor's degree

5350100-Telecommunication technologies ("Mobile systems")

 Master's degree

70611701-Mobile communication systems

70611703-Satellite communication systems


  • Madaminov Kh.X. Head of department
  • Davronbekov D.A. Professor
  • Pisеskiy Yu.V. professor
  • Ibraimov  R.R. Docent
  • Pulatov Sh.U. Docent
  • Sultanova  M.O. Docent
  • Aliyev U.T. Senior Lecturer
  • Xatamov A.P. Senior Lecturer
  • Alimdjonov KH.F. Senior Lecturer
  • Fayzullaeva B.B. Assistant
  • Abdullaeva H.K. Assistant
  • Gafurov A.Sh. Assistant

Part-time teachers

  • Abdukadirov A.Kh. Docent
  • Nazarov M. M. Senior Lecturer
  • Shamsiev A.S. Senior Lecturer
  • Axmedova G.N. Senior Lecturer
  • Votinov K.A. assistent

Department partners:

  • JSC Uztelecom Center for operation of mobile networks "Uzmobile"
  • LLC "Unitel"
  • Coscom LLC
  • State Unitary Enterprise Center for Electromagnetic Compatibility

Working with gifted students

Every year, the Department of Mobile Communication Technologies works on the progress of talented students. These students are attached to the leading professors and teachers of the department. There is a regular exchange of ideas and design work with them.

In order to spend meaningful free time of students after classes, to form and develop their desire for scientific research, to further expand the skills of independent thinking, a club called "Young Mobile" was organized at the department.

Goals and objectives of the club:

- consolidation of the theoretical knowledge gained by students through practical work;

- awakening students' interest in research and supporting their development;

- the formation of students' ability to think independently;

- to teach students to spend their free time productively and meaningfully;

At the end of each academic year, students with their works actively participate in competitions and exhibitions held at the national and university levels.

In this circle, talented students can work with technical means with great interest, make their own models and demonstrate them at scientific and technical exhibitions. There are also a number of certificates. For example, a training and laboratory stand dedicated to the study of the elements of a wireless network, designed by students of the TMC department, was assembled manually.

Research work

The department has 5 educational laboratories with modern equipment for cellular communication systems of 2G, 3G, 4G generations according to CDMA, GSM, WCDMA, LTE standards, amplifiers, radio transmitters, radio receivers, radio relay and artificial satellite communication systems, equipped with educational equipment for teaching radio broadcasting. There is also a computer lab with Wi-Fi based broadband wireless connection.


Educational and methodical work of the department

The educational and methodological base of the department "Mobile Communication Technologies" consists of textbooks, teaching aids and monographs published by professors of the department.

  1. Hotamov A. Madaminov H.X. “Radiomonitoring tizimida keng diapazondagi nurlanish manbalarni aniqlovchi antenna tizimini yaratish”. Monografiya- T.: / TATU. Tashkent 2021.
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Topics of candidate and doctoral dissertations defended at the department

1) Israilov Jamshil Dilshodovich. “Development of algorithms for identification and registration of mobile communication devices” in 2020 PhD thesis in the specialty: “05.04.02- Radio engineering, radio navigation, radar, television systems and devices. Mobile fiber-optic communication systems”. Scientific adviser, Doctor of Technical Sciences Davronbekov D.A.

2) Khakimov Zafar Tulaganovich. “Methods and devices for improving the efficiency of fiber-optic data transmission systems” in 2021. Thesis of a candidate of technical sciences in the specialty: “05.04.02 Radio engineering, radio navigation, radar, television systems and devices. Mobile fiber-optic communication systems”. Scientific adviser, Doctor of Technical Sciences Davronbekov D.A.

3) Matyokubov Otkir Karimovich. “Development of models and algorithms for assessing the reliability of mobile communication systems” in 2021. PhD thesis in the specialty: “05.04.02 Radio engineering, radio navigation, radar, television systems and devices. Mobile fiber-optic communication systems”. Scientific adviser, Doctor of Technical Sciences Davronbekov D.A.