Vocational Education in the Field of ICT

The division prepares pedagogical personnel who will teach computer science and information technologies at institutions of higher education, vocational colleges and academic lyceums, and secondary schools.


Dean of the faculty "Vocational Education in the Field of ICT"

Igamberdiev Karimberdi Abdullaevich

Office hours: Every weekday except Monday 15.00-17.00
Telephone: (0 371) 238-65-00
E-mail: igamberdiev-71@mai.ru

Vice Dean

Аzamov Valixon Fayzullaevich

Office hours: Every day except Monday 15.00-17.00
Telephone: (0 371) 238-65-08

Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Vocational Education ICT

Normatov Otaxon Masharibovich

Office hours: Every day except Monday 15.00-17.00
Telephone: (0 371) 238-65-08

Specialties for Master's studies


Electronic Libraries and Archives.

Graduates of the division can take following paths:
  • Coaching morals: at academic lyceums and vocational colleges, institutes of education except secondary schools;
  • Academic - methodological sphere: academic and methodological boards of vocational colleges and the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education;
  • Production and technology: working on computer systems and network structures, design computer orientd models of physical processes, implement the marketing of their own products (software products and technologies);
  • Constructing projects: designing computers, their special tools and automated education systems; creating wireless technologies, software systems and tools.
  • Experimental research: carry out experimental researches based on exemplary methods and manipulate their results.


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