The initial organization of Uzbekistan's youth community

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Leader of the university youth – Rector's advisor on youth affairs

Abilov Umidbek Oʻtkirovich

Reception hours:Monday – Saturday (09:00-18:00 gacha)
Telephone: (0 371) 238-64-41

The initial organization of Uzbekistan's youth community

The initial organization of Uzbekistan’s youth community in Tashkent University of Information Technologies named after Muhammad al-Khwarizmi has united students of the university and it functions with the purposes of;

- further deepening the democratic, political, and economic reforms in the country, 

- strengthening peace and harmony in the society; 

- attracting the youth to the process of Uzbekistan’s attempt to be in the ranks of the   world’s developed countries;

- providing the protection of rights, freedoms and legal interests of the youth; 

- raising the spiritual and professional level of young boys and girls; 

- helping them realize their intellectual and creative potential; 

Youth leaders of the faculties:

Faculty of Computer engineering – Ashirov Nodir

Faculty of Software engineering –Otaqulov Rahimbek

Faculty of Information security – Zulfiqorov Zohid

Faculty of telecommunication technologies – Botayev Abdurauf

Faculty of television technologies – Abilov Umidbek

Faculty of Economics and management in the sphere of ICT – Sa’dullayev Shavkat

Faculty of Pedagogical training in the sphere of – Abduahatov Nodirbek