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Head of the centre

Muxammedova Malika Akilovna

Telefon: (0 371) 238-64-70

Information Resource Centre – IRC (by 2007, the university library) was founded in 1955. The IRC fund consisted of hundreds of books on humanities, physics, mathematics, and chemistry sent from the electrotechnical institutes in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Odessa. Buying books from the bookshops in Tashkent has been started this year. On January 1, 1956, the library fund consisted of 4395 copies of books, served 15 teachers and 153 students. Nowadays, it serves six thousand readers and users of electronic sources with only a reader’s certificate. Among the readers, there are students, the staff of professors and teachers, employees, graduates as well as students and teachers from other institutions of higher education, attendees of retraining courses, employees in the field of telecommunication. IRC gives the opportunity to read the books at home or in the reading rooms through the delivery desk service. IRC covers traditional, that is hard copy, and electronic information.

The traditional library consists of 4 delivery desks: scientific, academic, fiction and foreign literature; 2 reading rooms,the department of collecting and academically cultivating books, and information-bibliographic department.

The electronic library consists of 3 halls: 2 halls for students (70 computers) and one hall for teachers and employees. Generally, through all departments it serves 12,000 readers. On average 520 readers use the library, and annual book delivery constitutes 240 thousand.

The library fund consists of approximately 323 thousand copies of books, brochures, magazines and CDs. Academic textbooks comprise 61% of the fund, scientific books – 32%, fiction – 5%, the other books – 2%. Annually, the library buys 6 thousand books, and subscribes to 50 titles of magazines and 65 titles of newspapers.

The library carries out different kinds of activities and methods with the readers:

  • expositions of thematically illustrated and new books
  • open bulletins for new books
  • has organized department days since 1980
  • has taken care of the graduate days, the explicit exposition of books, and has prepared informative comments

The library offers the following to the readers: traditional catalog of the library’s book collection (systematic and alphabetical), systematic files of articles on communication, thematical files of queries on the present life of the Republic.

In recent years, great attention has been given to the application of information technologies and computerization in the process of library-information. Preliminary steps in this sphere were taken in the ‘90s of the past century. In December, 1998, collaborating with Antverpen school on the project Libanta, reading room for graduates was founded. 2 computers, TV-set, tape-recorder, a big collection of video cassettes and laser disk, books in English, IRBIS program and an electronic version of UDK table have been bought. In the course of Libanta project, a seminar was given by the specialists of the Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology, with the participation of librarians from major libraries in Tashkent. From then on, a creation of electronic catalog in the library of TUIT has been started. In 2001, the university began to create its electronic library. The library of TUIT continues to serve the needs of its readers and to apply different approaches and new methods in its work. The librarians have been awarded certificates of honour for a number of times.


  • The library fund (as of 2015) – 322,317 copies (40,762 titles)
  • Books – 244, 590 copies (413 titles)
  • Periodicals - 12,843 copies (85 titles)
  • Dissertations, abstracts – 2966
  • CDs – 2,412 copies


  • Scientific literature – 100 870 copies (23 513 titles)
  • Academic literature – 194 845 copies (3728 titles)
  • Fiction – 13 662 copies (10 648 titles)
  • Foreign literature – 16 321 copies (3 543 titles )
  • Others – 12 843 copies (2873 titles)

Main index:

  • Readers with the only reader’s certificate – 5150
  • Number of appropriate services at all delivery desks - 16 422
  • Number of used – 182 493
  • Number of given books - 338 783
  • Hard copies – 277 287
  • On data carriers – 61496