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Head of the Department:

Iminova Nargizaxon Akramovna

Office hourse: Monday – Saturday ( From 15:00 till 17:00)
Phone number: ((0 371) 238-64-72

“Economics” department was founded in 1971 as a result of dividing into two independent departments of “Political economics” department of the University. At first, it was named after “Economics of communication companies, planning and management”. During 1971-1974 years N.S.Mansurov managed the department.

From 1974 till 1986 years candidate of economics sciences,  assistant professor,  V.G.Butkeyev was head of the department, from 1986 till 1991 years candidate of technical sciences, assistant professor O.Ye.Yakovlev was head of the department.

From 1991 till 2011 years leading specialist, candidate of economics sciences assistant professor   T.M.Butkieva managed the department. 

In accordance with the decree of the Ministry of Communication of the Republic of Uzbekistan #175, on 20 May, 1996  was organized “ Economics-engineering” faculty as well as “Economics of communication companies” department was separated from the faculty.

From 13 December 2002 ,according to the order of university rector, the department was named after “Economics” department.

During 2012-2013 years  candidate of economics sciences Sh.E.Sindarov was head of the department.

According to the requirement PD-1942 on 26 March, 2013  of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as a result  of high quality specialists’ training in the field of information communication technologies it was started the admission of students to the  new direction and speciality of “Economics and management in ICT sphere” for 2013-2014 academic year in Tashkent university of information technologies as well as from the beginning of 2013 year it was named  after “Economics in ICT sphere” department.

During 2013-2016 years candidate of economics sciences S.P.Achilova was head of the department. From 2016 year 4 September till 2016 year 10 October candidate of economics sciences X.A.Kobulov was head of the department.

From 12 October  2016 candidate of economics sciences ,assistant professor N.A.Iminova.  manages this department. Professors and lectures of the department participate in seminars devoted to problems of the department as well as international, national scientific-technical and scientific-methodological conferences. Besides that professors and lectures of the department regularly publish scientific articles in the republican and foreign magazines. 

Education field of BACHELORS:


Economics and management in ICT sphere

Specialists of MASTER degree:



Economics and management in ICT sphere



Electron commerce


Digital economics



  • Micro macroeconomics
  • National and international economics
  • Statistics
  • Fundamentals of accounting
  • IT economics
  • Money, credit and banks
  • Theory of economics
  • Tax and taxation
  • Institutional economics
  • Econometrics
  • Theory of price determination
  • Insurance
  • Introduction for specialty


  • Industry 4.0
  • Information economy
  • International IT development
  • IT management
  • Account management
  • Risk management
  • IT business development and project management
  • Strategic management of the innovation and technology


  • Iminova Nargizaxon Akramovna eco., head of the department
  • Kuchkorov Toxir Safarovich eco.
  • Choi Won Gun-professor
  • Мuhammadalieva Nargiza Baxodirovna -senior teacher
  • Bababekova Nargiza Baxtiyarovna -senior teacher.
  • Ma’murov Baxtiyor Xolmatjanovich -senior teacher
  • Akramova Gulnora Abduvoxidovna-senior teacher
  • Aripxodjayev Muzaffar Xalxodjaevich -assistant
  • Xudaynazarova Dilorom Xayrullaevna -assistant
  • Zuxurova Nargiza Abdusattarovna -assistant
  • Turdiqulova Nasima Shuxratovna -assistant
  • Mirzaraximova Aziza Azimdjanovna-assistant
  • Juraev Nazirjon Xomidovich -assistant


  • Iminova N.A., Akramova G.A. –Teaching book on “Money and Banks“
  • Iminova N.A., Bababekova N.B., Muxamadalieva N.B. –Teaching book on “Theory of Economics”
  • Мuhammadaliyeva N.B., Dehqonov G. – The methodological handbook for the subject of “Management of accounting”
  • Rahimboev S.Q., Мirzaraximova А. – The collection of cases for the subject of “Microeconomics”.
  • Rahimboev S.Q., Мirzaraximova А. – The collection of homework for the subject of “Microeconomics”.
  • Ma’murov B.X. – The collection of matters for the subject of “Tax and taxes”.
  • Ma’murov B.X. – Training manual on “Logistics”
  • Muxamadalieva N.B. – Training manual on “Basis of accounting”


  • “Development of mechanisms for the improvement of the use of modern ICTs in the learning process of higher education institutions” Project manager: PhD N.A.Iminova. Cost of the project: 210,0 mln. sums